Credit card that is right for YOU!

Over 60,000 products! NextCard has a variety of products that appeal to a wide range of credit seekers from people rebuilding their credit to people with excellent credit histories. NextCard currently offers more than 60,000 products, ranging from a secured Visa to a platinum Visa with a Point-earning program. What's even better is that each of these products are available to every consumer, based on their credit history, through a single application!

Great Rates

NextCard offers a variety of credit card products with competitive rates as low as 2.99% Introductory APR or 9.99% Ongoing APR, and typically no Annual Fee.

Online Balance Transfers

Transfer balances when you apply When you apply for a NextCard, we'll give you the opportunity to transfer balances from other creditcards and store accounts. If you are carrying a balance on your other credit accounts, balance transfers can save you a lot of money in Finance Charges. Why? Because when you transfer balances to your NextCard Visa account, you may qualify for a lower Introductory interest rate and a higher credit line. NextCard Introductory rates are competitive with other credit card rates, and apply to both balance transfers AND any new purchases you make with your NextCard Visa. So, you save on both existing balances and future purchases. Transfer balances anytime

NextCard RewardsSM

NextCard Rewards allows you to turn every dollar you spend with your NextCard into free travel and merchandise! Just use your NextCard to make purchases and earn a Rewards Point for every $1 you spend! It's that easy!

From time to time as a member of NextCard Rewards you'll also receive opportunities to earn additional Points without spending so much as a single dollar. You can redeem your Points for travel on the airline of your choice, as well as for merchandise and gift certificates toward hotel stays and restaurants, plus much more! Click here to sign up!

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